Energy Based Healing Techniques

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states, as well as our interaction with others,  affects this energy field.

Nutrition education,  NeuroLink, essential oils, hydrosols, flower essences,
Quantum-Touch, rodding,
tuning forks, Low Level Laser Therapy,  Healing Touch TM and Healing
Touch for Animals TM are energy-based
healing techniques which balance energy

by reactivating the mind/body/spirit
connection. These techniques bridge
holistic healthcare with traditional care.
Through applied kinesiology (muscle
response testing), Patrice determines
which techniques
are needed to re-align
the energy flow, thereby promoting
energy balance and healing of people,
and animals.  These therapies  apply to people and any animal, small or large, including:
birds, mammals, reptiles, aquatics
and exotics.